Latina Sexuality

National Hispanic Media Coalition:

The Impact of Media Stereotypes on Opinions and Attitudes Towards Latinos



“Tropicalization helps position the Latina body as oversexed as well as sexually available; all that is identified with seductive clothing, curvaceous hips and breasts, long brunette hair or extravagant jewellery.”

The Exotic Other: Representations of Latina Tropicalism in U.S. Popular Culture (2016)

Latina/o Representation on Teen-Oriented Television: Marketing to a New Kind of Family (2013)

Interrogating the Look of the Gaze: Theorizing a Latina Cine-subjectivity  (2012)

“We examine popular representations of Hayek, Kahlo, and Lopez in order to study dominant signifiers of Latinidad and Western discourses of femininity and sexuality as well as the resulting racialized prescriptions of Latina bodies and sexuality in contemporary popular culture.”

Brain, Brow, and Booty: Latina Iconicity in U.S. Popular Culture (2004)



6 Harmful Media Myths About Sex and Latinas  (2014)

20 LGBT Latino TV Characters To Celebrate This Pride Month (2016)



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